My WALL-E Movie Hack

When I watch WALL-E with my kids, I like to stop by the movie approximately 3 minutes from the end. Why? Because then I get to watch a much better movie. If you stop it at that point, WALL-E is about robot who sacrificed himself in order to save humanity. It raises questions about personality: did WALL-E really survive? How much of him is still in there? Will he ever come back? How do you define a person? If his personality doesn’t return, is WALL-E still WALL-E?

If you watch the entire movie, it becomes a normal, trite Disney/Pixar film about the hero who saved the world, got the girl and remains largely unaffected. The trite ending Germans call “Das Happy End.” Meaningless.

Just stop the movie after WALL-E takes EVE’s hand, but before he completely magically returns. You won’t regret it.


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