The Cast

This family bears a remarkable resemblance to mine, if you scratch out the middle boy on the right.

DH: My husband. I’ve been told DH is an abbreviation for Dear Husband, which isn’t necessarily accurate all the time. Fortunately, there are other words that start with D as well. I leave it to the reader to find the appropriate word for the abbreviation as the context demands. He’s a Swedish Finn and speaks Swedish, Finnish and English. His favorite things are boobies, working, animals, and wishing he weren’t diabetic. He’s also taken it upon himself to shoulder some of the German-language burden since he doesn’t feel like the kids are learning Finnish well enough or that I speak German enough.

Alpha: My oldest son, currently about 9. He used to only speak German, but then discovered society doesn’t. Now he speaks English and rolls his eyes when it comes to speaking Finnish and German. Except when he says “Gute Nacht/Hyvää yötä” and “im Geschirrspüler” (the daily answer to: Wo gehört dein Teller???” after every meal)

Beta: My oldest daughter, 6 years old. She speaks endlessly, but also only in English. Except for the word “Deutsch.” She never calls German, German, it is Deutsch.

Gamma: My youngest son, almost 3. Also known as the Tiny Terror. He speaks as much as Beta, mostly in English, though he understands all three. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Omega: Our youngest daughter (and last child). She’s about 6 months old and likes to coo. I’m doing a horrible job speaking German to her, which my husband likes to remind me of frequently.

Our Chickens: They’re like our pets. We used to have 28 of them, including 3 roosters (Blackie, Rupert and George). Since then, we’ve slaughtered all of those and had a couple more roosters: Richard (Dick for short) and our current rooster, Sir Robin. Sir Robin is the only good rooster we’ve ever had. He runs away from everyone and has never attacked anybody, not even our toddler. We only have 11 chickens now though and they’re all stupid and cute.

Me: I’m GermFinnChick, an unintended nickname that just happened to work as a blog title and nickname! I’m American, raised in Kansas, but I lived in Germany for a while as a foreign exchange student and have been in love with the country and culture since I was 7. My favorite things are writing, reading, knitting (if I had time to do so), entertaining the children and threatening to lock everybody out of the house so I don’t have to clean it anymore.


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