My Bullshit Experiment

I decided to do an experiment with my family this year.

Half of us got the flu vaccine and half of us didn’t.

I got it when I went in for an appointment to discuss my out of control asthma (and went back on Advair and have been good ever since–yay!).

My son got it at his 5 year well child check up.

Neither my husband nor my daughter have had a doctor’s appointment since then so they remained un-vaccinated.

The results?

None of us have gotten sick.

Seriously. This has to be the healthiest winter we’ve had since we started having children. We had a stomach bug my niece gave us all and two colds, the second of which we got after I told a friend how healthy we’d been this winter. Figures.*

So what does this mean? Absolutely nothing. It’s completely irrelevent and says nothing about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine.

I just thought I’d tell you anyway.

* We’re probably all going to get the plague now that I’ve written this post.